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Creator/Inventor of the Track Lift

At Wiebe’s Welding shop, relationships are the foundation of our business. We pride ourselves on being small enough to KNOW our clients and really CARE, yet large enough to have the capability of even the largest projects. We stand behind our work and we DELIVER.


Helping you improve your BUSINESS and your LIFE! Making things FASTER, SAFER, EASIER and more EFFICIENT.

Faster Production


Speed up your production.

Safer Environment


Create a safer environment for you and your employees.

Easier Design


Why do things the hard way? Let us help you design an easier way.

Improve Efficient


Improve your efficiency and increase your production.

Working With Us is Easy

Meet with Wiebe's Welding Shop Windsor, Leamington


It all begins with a handshake. Pete Jr. or Sr. will meet with you to discuss your project and provide a quote.

We can design at Wiebe's Welding Shop and Custom Fabrication Windsor


Bring your drawings or let us design it for you. It’s as simple as that!

Custom Fabrication Windsor Leamington to meet all specifications


From machining to assembly, we take care of your project to meet all specifications.

Welding Shop Windsor and Leamington, Custom Fabrication

About Our Welding Shop

Wiebe’s Welding shop in Leamington is a family owned and operated business. We are dedicated to building long term relationships with our clients. Integrity is our philosophy. You can count on us.

Wiebe's Welding Shop Leamington and Windsor

Here at Wiebe’s Welding shop near Windsor, a promise is a promise and we stick to our word. We believe every client deserves to be treated with respect.

Auto Leveling

Wireless Control

Expanding Deck

Happy Clients

Wiebe's Welding has been an important supplier of ours for many years. We appreciate their quality work, prompt service and high standards.
-Roger Tiessen, (Seacliff Energy)
We go way back with the guys at Wiebe’s Welding. They have always taken great care of us. They do high quality work and always get the job done. We would definitely recommend them.
Pomas Farms
We have worked with Wiebe's Welding for quite some time now and have always been happy with their quality machining. They have a high standard for every project that goes out the door and what impresses us most is that they stand behind their work.
-Jimmy Whitfield, (Southpoint Industrial Supply)
The TrackLift from Wiebe's Welding has improved our business in so many ways. A few of our favourite features would be: -the lifting capacity -the large work area (platform) -the versatility -the ability to work in all weather conditions We are working when other tradespeople are not able to, simply because we have this machine.
-Pete Wiebe, (RGC)
The guys at Wiebe's Welding are easy going and very good to work with. They are always open to listening to new ideas. We love working with them and have nothing but positive feedback on our experience.
Ruthven Greenhouse Construction